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About us: John

John Seerden


John Seerden was born in 1971. He was a VAT inspector at the tax office in Utrecht from 2003 until 2011. In this capacity, he was tax inspector for tax firms and notary offices regarding RETT/Stamp duty (overdrachtsbelasting) and related subjects. In 2011 until 2014 John joined BDO in Amstelveen where he was assigned as a RETT specialist on the VAT department. After a brief return to the tax office (2014-2016) John was a self-employed RETT specialist until he joined LENOS c.s. in 2020.

Since 2012 John is annotator for a leading tax magazine ‘VakStudie Nieuws,’ in which role he places RETT regarded issues (legal amendments, tax policy, case law, etc.) in a context.

John is a T&F athlete with a focus on sprinting and hurdling. As age progresses, he focusses more on coaching. John is Dutch spoken and has a keen fluency in the English language. John is a graduate of the Amsterdam University. He holds a degree in fiscal law.

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