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Company profile

LENOS c.s. VAT & Customs Lawyers was founded in 1989 as the first fully independent consultancy firm on VAT and customs in The Netherlands.

We provide advice to our clients on the most diverse VAT and customs topics. Our clients are found amongst companies, organizations, and government bodies, but also amongst law firms, accountants, tax advisors, and management consultants. We often act as a “consultant for the consultants,” in the literal sense of the word.

Our partners are tax lawyers. We offer all the benefits of a smaller, flexible firm coupled with the experience one usually only finds in the largest tax consultancy firms. All partners have a long experience as VAT and customs inspectors with the Dutch Ministry of Finance as well as VAT and customs consultants with the largest tax consultancy firms in The Netherlands.

The partners make it their business to write articles and books and speak at seminars on VAT and customs topics. We believe publishing and speaking is an ideal way to compel ourselves to think about our specialization and to continue working on a solid theoretical basis, exploring new frontiers. We constantly monitor changes in VAT and customs law, new administrative regulations and evolutions on the EU level.

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