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Being a service company of LENOS c.s. VAT & Customs Lawyers, EVA focusses on the administrative support of the LENOS clients when doing business within the European Union. The main objective of EVA is to take away from the clients the administrative burden, caused by the VAT and Customs compliance rules.


Acting as a fiscal representative with restricted license. In case of importing goods with further Netherlands or intra community supplies

Acting as a fiscal representative with general license. In case of importing goods, all supplies of goods in the Netherlands and intra community supplies, acquisitions (imperative when making distance selling supplies in The Netherlands and supplies in VAT warehouse)

Acting as a liaison between clients and the tax offices throughout the EU for non resident entrepreneurs. Being responsible for the total VAT registration procedures in EU member states, if required. Preparing and submitting VAT returns on behalf of the clients and filing applications for refunds in cooperation with the regular accountant, tax lawyer or trust company

Bookkeeping and taking over parts or the entire VAT administration. Resulting in taking over all the clients time consuming work for filing the VAT returns and applications for refunds. This service is especially sought after by trust companies because of the variety of rules in the different EU member states and the complex rules of determination in which member state services are taxable

Administrative fine tuning of VAT schemes and structures, designed by LENOS c.s. VAT & Customs Lawyers

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